Sean Hill Poems

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I'M Not Afraid Of Being Alone

you smile with your delicate eyes
and i'm satisfied another day to be alive,
but an ocean of tears couldn't fill these fears
when you're gone for more than i can stand.

Spring And Summer In Between

it was the perfect green that stole my heart
it was the perfect green indeed was she,
summer wasn't here but spring (twas you)
sweet lovely spring was here with me.

Vous Et Moi Voile Sky

beautiful rays of sweet sunshine,
you're all over me dancing.
if only i could see you,
this blanket of clouds.

Intelligent Design

we listened to fragile words
while promises spoke crumbling
fading inside this mystery
we began to rearrange our thinking

Multi Universe Paradigm

i never wanted to be a chocolate bar,
but we have to make the best of things,
before we're eaten bite by bite
then and there a sweet goodbye fairwell.

Time And This Painting I'Ve Lived

the velvet black what was my painting soul
became over the years faded,
and my vision of the memory remained;
what once was just isn't the same, even though

A Shadow In The Morning Sun

it was a stellar afternoon,
morning cold air coughed away;
and the Sun's little brother took over,
he's a funny little fellow that just doesn't


i've never been to heaven but i've seen
grey days and skies black as night rain
weeping beautiful tears that dissolved me.
it proved to be too much to bear; as i

Reminds Me Of You

i remember the silence
when you walked into the room,
the silence was my heart stopping
and the world dissapeared around us.

Morning Glory, You And Me

i don't even know what to think anymore
we're blown away into another day,
and the strangest thing?
it felt better than-

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