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Sean Joyce Poems

1. Homage To Jacques Prévert (And An Advertisment) 1/3/2006
2. It Happened In An Isolated Bay In 1931 1/4/2006
3. When You And I Are Dead 1/4/2006
4. The Enemy Kept Coming And We…… 1/6/2006
5. The Magic Of The Movies (Contains Violence) 1/9/2006
6. Memory 6/8/2006
7. Where Is Everybody? 10/10/2006
8. Kissing Practice 10/10/2006
9. Where I Grew Up 1/29/2006
10. I Woolly Jumper (An Exercise In 3 Ply) 1/31/2006
11. Let’s Talk 2/14/2006
12. Turn Around. Dnuora Nrut 2/19/2006
13. First Lines 2/26/2006
14. Questions (Yes Or No, Tick The Box, Move On Up The Front) 3/12/2006
15. Arrivals 3/25/2006
16. Silence 3/25/2006
17. Control ((Rude But Deep) 12/26/2005
18. The Death Of Mr Healy 12/27/2005
19. Stress 1/7/2006
20. Walking In The Bush (A Pantoum - I Think) 2/7/2006
21. Miscommunication 12/30/2005
22. Onechanzenell (Rude) 12/31/2005
23. What Was Important 12/31/2005
24. The Space Between The Dancers 1/3/2006
25. So Long 12/20/2005
26. London Bridge 12/20/2005
27. Country Road (Everybody Has One) 12/21/2005
28. The Worms In The Ground Are Queuing Up For... 1/10/2006
29. My Father Phoned Today. 1/10/2006
30. That Box 1/11/2006
31. Many, Many, Happy Returns 1/14/2006
32. That Red Mark 1/16/2006
33. Twisted Tryst 1/17/2006
34. The View From Below 1/18/2006
35. I Would If I Could I’d Make A Poem 1/21/2006
36. Someone Sighed, I Heard It Then 1/21/2006
37. The Lady. (To Courage, Peace And Freedom) 1/22/2006
38. Ode To Spring 1/23/2006
39. Happy Ever After (Indelicate) 12/23/2005
40. Healing Dreams 12/25/2005

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Sweet Nicole (A Sweet But Faithless Lady)

It was August I remember
I remember when I met her
She was perfect I remember
in her body, mind and soul

In September I remember
I remember her all over
She was perfect I remember
in her body, mind and soul

In October I remember
I remember her all over
We were lovers I remember
in body, mind and soul

In November I remember
I remember lies she told me
She was wilful I remember
Wilful to the n'th degree

In December I remember
I remember it was over
Still, she is all that I remember
Love forever sweet Nicole

. ...

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What She Called Love

I could see that she could see
what she called love and gave to me.

Calendars she gave to me and diaries of days
With love mapped out on every page
what she called love and gave to me.

And as each day in turn rolled by
with every tryst we did comply.

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