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Everybody strives for that ultimate goal in life
The life of the rich and famous,
The life where photos are taken,
The life where stories are writen,


Real love i have felt just once before
I could look in your eyes for hours on end,
I thought we would always be,
you cared for me so, and hugged me infront of the moon.

Owed To A First Love

The things i owe to you are countless
On the first month anniversary you gave me a rose
A rose that i keep a picture of always.
I owe the rose to you


The One

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Hmm, im a prity average 18 year old. Im very overly dramatic and i think that everything that happens is something really major, these poems where mainly wrote when i was only about 15 and very depressed so please dont judge, i know they're not very good but i like them here so i can see them and remember the times that made them. Thanks for reading.

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