Sebastian Brant Poems

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Of Hym That Togyder Wyll Serve Two Masters

A fole he is and voyde of reason
Whiche with one hounde tendyth to take
Two harys in one instant and season;
Rightso is he that wolde undertake

Of Too Much Spekynge Or Bablynge

He that his tunge can temper and refrayne
And asswage the foly of hasty langage
Shall kepe his mynde from trouble, sadnes and payne,

The Universal Shyp

Come to, Companyons: ren: tyme it is to rowe:
Our Carake fletis: the se is large and wyde
And depe Inough: a pleasaunt wynde doth blowe.

16. Of Gluttony And Feasting

He shows a fool in every wise
Who day and night forever hies
From feast to feat to fill his paunch
And make his figure round and staunch,

Of Coarse Fools

Vile, scolding words do irritate,
Good manners thereby will abate
If sow-bell's rung from morn to late