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starfish bread silking near
when i exit one's green
timeless powder of love
kept in impossible bottles

of lightflakes haunting sadness
is to make dust castles
as pure as walls can be


oozing sand blood
wanting to wallpaint
a desire from neverwood
burning as a sun's fingers

in the meat of colors
i always dream salty
i roar at the silksnakes
avoiding my tentacles

lurking across
the forests the deserts
of my body of my mind

rain falling up
on the rivers of the suns -
our heads are the clouds

helicopters are swimming through the air
and i can smell their vibration.
when the grass is panicked,
i feel thirsty.

our head breathes helium;
in every breath
we feel the smoke of generations.

nine moons
hovering over the luxurious city
and in my glass stomach

crunchy cellar door flowers
rising below the ground level
of pink poverty and fruitful
ziggurats made in 1897

singing coffee flowers
always take me away
from the midnight brown above

beneath the yellow moons
my two eyespiders come
and they are never late.

once again i've had the sensation of being in a cheap 1999 movie about the nearby 'apocalypse'... nights of sorrow were floating above me and the grassy knolls from the dark carshops. at Rainbow Mode's house: unsettling yellow and blue windows against pitch black walls.

instead of being attacked by meteor showers in sleep, we decided to rehearsal in a tall building where the agony would make us vanish more quickly.

you're my mouthfruit
always running away from me

(like eggs) i lay my shadows
in this neighbourwood
with soul restaurants
and old ceramic stashes

the time when water cannot be seen
the time when our shadow lays eggs
on the cozy bed of the barrel

as far the floors
they are now wet so
you don't teleport through
doors sneaking towards

the sky lies
on the bottom of the glass

two white towers
raise their ice caps
in the two oceans

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starfish bread silking near
when i exit one's green
timeless powder of love
kept in impossible bottles

more blue torches in the ocean fire
dazing down colorful abysses
no other seaflower ever felt
in water veins, under water veils

no air desert brings near debris
two more skinned bodies of mine
are buried under the sea's flagstones

soiled desires, suns burning nowhere
and there's the ocean of the voice -
a miracle beyond any other miracle.

(5 August 2008)

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