Serena Blackinton

Serena Blackinton Poems

1. Sorry 8/6/2012
2. The Beach 8/6/2012
3. Love Is 8/6/2012
4. Fly 8/6/2012
5. Unsure 8/10/2012
6. You 8/2/2012
7. Do You Know? 8/17/2012
8. I Exhale 8/17/2012
9. Descent Into Madness 1/19/2014
10. Rain 1/20/2014
11. Ode To Milco 8/15/2014
12. If You Were Here Today 12/28/2014
13. I Wish For Peace 1/26/2015
14. When 2/15/2015
15. At Last 5/29/2015
16. My Child 8/24/2015
17. Open Eyes 10/24/2015
18. Shining From Your Eyes 11/8/2015
19. Beyond Words 11/8/2015
20. Grieving 11/8/2015
21. Flat 10/24/2016
22. Words Can Heal 2/7/2017
23. Blue 2/7/2017
24. Lost Hope 2/7/2017
25. In Mind 2/7/2017
26. Who Are You? 2/7/2017
27. Defeated 2/7/2017
28. Doubt 2/7/2017
29. Always And Forever 2/7/2017
30. I Built A Wall 2/7/2017
31. There Are Days When I Feel Like This 2/7/2017
32. The Vow 2/7/2017
33. Waiting For A Rainbow 2/7/2017
34. Another Dead End 2/7/2017
35. I Wanted 2/14/2015
36. Happy Valentine's Day 2/14/2015
37. Last Valentine 2/14/2015
38. Ecstasy 10/26/2014
39. Quicksand 8/1/2012
40. Like Mike 8/12/2012

Comments about Serena Blackinton

  • Deep Dark Soul [poet] Deep Dark Soul [poet] (9/14/2016 8:17:00 AM)

    Goodbye to happiness in loment,
    As you wriggled from my grasp,
    I was maybe sorry for a moment,
    But the insane madness didn’t last.

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  • Deep Dark Soul [poet] Deep Dark Soul [poet] (9/14/2016 8:17:00 AM)

    A deserted shrine to innocence,
    My mind’s walls lined with toil,
    And serpentinely I try to justify,
    All the blood that taints its soil.

  • Deep Dark Soul [poet] Deep Dark Soul [poet] (9/14/2016 8:17:00 AM)

    Why and who gave me common sense?
    Just to mock me as I always fail and fall,
    Desperately in search of common things,
    That I am sensing I will never have at all?

  • Deep Dark Soul [poet] Deep Dark Soul [poet] (9/14/2016 8:16:00 AM)

    I lost you in my long epistle,
    like a dog without a whistle,
    See the darkness of my love,
    An unselfish rose in a thistle.

  • Deep Dark Soul [poet] Deep Dark Soul [poet] (9/14/2016 8:16:00 AM)

    Split fire with me to and fro,
    In divine radiance we sway.
    Refusing to cast any shadow,
    As we wander so far away.

  • Deep Dark Soul [poet] Deep Dark Soul [poet] (9/14/2016 8:15:00 AM)

    Lost in memories, lost in thoughts,
    Of wistful times and wistful fear,
    Fleeing footprints that had taught,
    That in salty revere they disappear.

  • Deep Dark Soul [poet] Deep Dark Soul [poet] (9/14/2016 8:15:00 AM)

    Terribly, our time is up,
    A sigh must always end.
    Bitter dregs of an empty cup,
    Will never be our friend.

  • Deep Dark Soul [poet] Deep Dark Soul [poet] (9/14/2016 8:13:00 AM)

    Hearken, my dear caring friend,
    To the taste of my words sincere,
    To the joyful spirit that you ascend,
    When you, uplifted, draw me near.

  • Deep Dark Soul [poet] Deep Dark Soul [poet] (9/14/2016 8:13:00 AM)

    I am here for now, but I cannot stay,
    For I must flee from the Milky Way,
    Branded by memories of a darker day,
    Burning like stars that never go away.

  • Deep Dark Soul [poet] Deep Dark Soul [poet] (9/14/2016 8:12:00 AM)

    Goodbye to saying goodbye
    But only if it were for today,
    A drop of blood falls from the eye
    To summon the birds of prey.

Best Poem of Serena Blackinton


Rest your body now, my love,
And dream of things to come,
A kiss upon each cheek I'll give,
Caress you with each thumb,

As I cradle your face between my hands,
And gaze into your eyes,
And when my lips descend to yours,
You will finally realise,

Just how much you mean to me,
And how I've felt all along,
If any talent I possessed,
I'd turn these words into a song,

So I could sing you off to sleep,
With a soothing lullaby,
Hold you tightly in my arms,
As your spirit takes to the sky,

Dream as I hold you so close, ...

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I'm walking along fairly oblivious to the frivolities of life all around me
But suddenly I've found myself thigh-deep in a patch of quicksand
And to struggle means the end of all that I could ever be
So I lie in wait until I can determine a way to escape this catastrophe

I was sitting here contemplating my fate
Wondering if, indeed, it were too late
When there you appeared with your arm extended
Eager to assist me out of this cataclysmic state

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