Seyi Ojenike Poems

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The Children Of The Spirits

The village mourns the loss of a child,
Taken by the spirits to their realm wild,
Where they roam free and run free and wild.

Eledumare, The Great Creator

O Eledumare, great Creator divine,
Whose power and wisdom made all things in time,
The sun, the moon, the stars that brightly shine.

Celestial Symphony

Starry night unveils its cosmic symphony,
Celestial bodies waltz in harmony.
Moon's gentle glow, a lullaby for the soul,
Unveiling secrets the universe holds.

Lost Rhythms

In the echoes of forgotten tales,
Africans dance to foreign beats,
Their feet entangled in alien steps,
Their souls swaying to borrowed tunes.

Suffering And Smiling

On the soil where resilience abounds,
Nigerians tread on hallowed ground,
Amidst trials that never seem to cease,
They find solace in smiles, a cloak of peace.

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