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Help me out, I am addicted to Love,
With lose hearted and broken wits,
Floating right and Left,
Twinkling dull and dim,

All is fair in love and war,
But love is peace and uproar is war,
Love is beginning and end is war,
Love is start and quit is war,

Winners never quit, Quitters never win,
If you’re ill fated, it’s not your sin,

When tears came out of my dour eyes,
In depth of faint soul and sobbing sighs,
All the cosmos here felt inutile,
Of rich hearted folk, but introversively futile,

When I entered into the city of Light,
No betting odds among dawn and twilight,
The vitality is alive, well and bright,
Oh beloved Karachi, a marvelous sight,

Sitting on the boundary, defending Pakistani border,
Not feeling alone as its Almighty Order,
Security the way I take Almighty Pleasure,
Face all troubles Don’t matter how Harder,

The right way to bestow, the glow way to Integrity,
If you wanna bloom, build a habit of Honesty,

Equality is the basic theme of Mankind,

If you may die old or young,
With all yearning and desire,
Knowing this song not yet sung,
With aspiring air through cold lung,

The grief and sorrow came into my Life,
Turn my soul change, Sharp like a Knife,

Never let down, Before the Game End,

When I started, learning English Grammer,
My heart faltered and tongue tremor,
A amorous poem, What I wrote,
No comments yet no vote they, quote,

I want freedom, freedom from All,
Misery and where no worries not at all,
When I sat gloomy, and blue,
Repent on my failure and rue,

Want You know the worth of Love,
Way never end, the journey never Quit,
Height neither achieved nor the depth End,
The everlasting prickle in your eye sight,

I fall in Love With You!
You Made Me Mad I start loving You!

Every time I think, every time I blink,

One who has died for his motherland,
Is suppose to live zestly in Eden land,

For what he did and finally got,

Endeavor so hard as Swot analysis,
Paved my path in dishearten crisis,

From cradle to the grave,
Confront delusion world with simple naive,

You the omnipotent and Merciful For All,
O my Lord! All power belongs to You,
Whether who is Muslim or infidel doesn’t matter,
Your blessings are uncountable through,

Let we rejoice the creamy event tomorrow,
And to say Eid Mubrak with no sorrow,

Remember to greet, tweet and read,


How a poet mess up a verse to fright,
Deep inside but no time to vet lost,

On the dark shadowy paths, nothing has caught,

The man when born and die,
In ruefully and spiritless sigh,
And in middle of his youth, he uproar,
Again and again loath, with roar,

A day comes with a morning dew,
For the words, less to cope all few,
The breezy wave and tweeting eyes,
Of rising sun, view the Himalaya highs,

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Addiction Of Love

Help me out, I am addicted to Love,
With lose hearted and broken wits,
Floating right and Left,
Twinkling dull and dim,
Blowing hot and Cold,
Drinking pack on pack,
Shivering soul and body,
Can you help me out, I am addictive to Love,
Insomniac sleep and coughy weep,
Turgid Eyes, murmur beat,
Roving aimless on the street,
Nothing left to tweet,
Sinking down in thousands Feet,
Heart is now drowning fleet,
Help me out, I am addictive to love,
Idiopathic pain won’t stop,
Remedy ain’t effective for heart crop,
Love is now flowing stream,
Chasing dream, fading shadows,
Save me please say me Hello.
Please Help me out, I am addicted to love.

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hadia 16 April 2018

i also need summary of across the indus

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Roqaash 08 April 2018

Wanna summery and central idea

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Hareem 28 March 2018

I want summery of the poem across the indus

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arooj tariq 01 August 2018

plz give us summary of across the indus

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Daniyal 18 September 2018

I want the summary of across the indus

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loveg 17 August 2020

It is an immense delightful pleasure to read the poems of respected Khalid Sir. A heart full of love and deep love. With huge admiration for the beautiful things he sees. Kind heart. I get gaiety whenever I read his love poems. Must say I never met a soul as beautiful as you Sir. I wish success all your way. May your pen inspires us. Keep writing. Spread love. With due respect. Your friend in writing~Randhir kaur ++1++

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Mubarak Ali 03 July 2020


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Anas Randhawa 26 October 2018

Welldone Sir.

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zubia Fatima 25 September 2018

i need the summary of poem across the Indus

6 1 Reply
Ruhab 18 September 2018

I also need a summary of the poem across the Indus

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