Shamal Akrayi

Shamal Akrayi Poems

1. The Clouds 8/1/2011
2. All I Have 8/1/2011
3. The Most Familiar Stranger 8/1/2011
4. Childhood 8/1/2011
5. Expectations 8/1/2011
6. I Miss You 8/1/2011
7. My Loneliness 8/1/2011
8. Same Old Beginnings 8/1/2011
9. Your Sound And The Emigration 8/1/2011
10. Tears 8/1/2011
11. The Blueness Of Evening 8/1/2011
12. Sometime 8/1/2011
13. Someplace 8/1/2011
14. I Wish Love 8/1/2011
15. True Heart Gift 8/1/2011
16. Deep 8/1/2011
17. I Miss 8/1/2011
18. All My Springs Are In You 8/1/2011
19. Halabcha Voice 8/1/2011
20. Even Though 8/1/2011
21. Believe 8/1/2011
22. Birds 8/1/2011
23. As Beautiful As You 8/1/2011
24. Babel’s Tower 8/1/2011
25. Body Language 8/1/2011
26. Who I Am 8/1/2011
Best Poem of Shamal Akrayi

Who I Am

I wander aimlessly
through thd grains of time.
I stand on top of the world
and sort out what's mine.
I run through the breeze
and let my mind run free.
My best friend is myself,
for others let me be.
The constant buzz in my ear
has now stopped.
Without my command, the rain,
by no means falls by a drop.
My hair, like the waves of the ocean.
My song as sweet as constant motion.
My skin as soft as the sands of time.
My heart is free to give,
but I give what's mine.
This is my story,
spread it through sea and land
Because I'm proud of ...

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Birds fixing
In the sky.
Round and round you fly so high,
Dark in the sky I
Spy in the night.
I love your colors, what a sight!

'2004 / Holland'

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