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Its the pain you never know that hurts your soul,
Or the burden you invisibly bear that torments your spirit,
Dont keep hatred in you saying you don't want war,
When you know deep down your heart you can feel it,

It rained,
On the roofs of the oppressors and the oppressed,
In the gardens of the righteous and the wicked,

As the sun shines so we make our hay,
Knowing that it is not here to stay,
And that soon it will fade away,
For as the dawn comes so will the day,

If poerty was meant to love,
There is a cupid a arrow in my pen.
If poetry was meant to prove,
In my poems see the evidence of gain out of pain.

I love her blue i love her red,
My love for her is strong but sometimes it fades,
I love her wrong i love her right,
I hold her tight but never through the night,

How strong was the wind that came and blew away my lovers mind?
Oh i bet it was strong enough to make her forget me,
How hypnotizing were the words from his mouth to make her untie the knots that bind?
Am sure they were charming enough for her to forsake me,

Follow me to my motherland,
Where everything you see is divine,
Pack your belongings and take my hand,
And i promise that forever you will be mine,

In my garden i grew jasmine,
Grew bigger and it covered the roses,
As its sweet fragrance melted my skin,
So it left my heart thumping like a sound running horses,

As i see you grow,
My worries on you is my main blow,
As you start to look soft and ripe,
My fear is on whose advice will build your life?

Sing me a song of the lost valleys,
And that of pirates in ships coming with wine barrels,
Bury me inside your deepest fears,
And let me come out together with your tears,

I wanted to paint,
A picture of true love in colours both bright and faint,
A portrait of your beautiful face,
And your warm lips if i had the chance,

They call us born free's,
Born in a peace and a democratic time,
A time without party cards and no primary school fees,
Where expressing whats on our minds is no longer acrime,

Only God knows she wishes she had two hearts,
One to love him the other to love me.
How could her life have two parts?
She loves Jim though yet she can't let me be,

For all the pain I have endured on earth,
Lord I beg you to come and take my breath,
I want to live but living bruises my soul,
God send your angels I'm ready to go.

The days of our lives,
Killed the happiness we dream,
The days if our lives.
Sealed the sadness within,

I don't know who's going to bury me,
That's the thought that worries me,
But if its you who will bury me
Well here's my plea.

Some things Don't seem all right,
Darkness has blocked my sight,
But in my Pen there is a light,
And I will write...

I don't know how to say goodbye,
Its hard, I can't even try.
I don't want to be the one to forget your name,
Make you weep, I don't want to be the blame.

Against all odds in still with you,
Beaten and bruised we made it through,
Counting the things I did to you that were so untrue,
Days and the nights I couldn't stand your view,

Is it fate that swept me to your heart?
Or yo soothest incantations that torns my weary apart?
Is it your warm fondle,
That makes my heart haven in you and kindle?

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I love poetry as i love to breath)

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Feelings We Are Afraid To Show

Its the pain you never know that hurts your soul,
Or the burden you invisibly bear that torments your spirit,
Dont keep hatred in you saying you don't want war,
When you know deep down your heart you can feel it,
Its the trap you ignore that makes you fall,
Or the small problems you tend not to show that extinguishes your glow,
Dont keep grudges in your heart saying you don't want a fight,
Though yet you know its a burden you cant carry through the night,
Its the feelings you are scared to show that keeps your e
mbers low,
Or the unexpressed words inside your chest might make you vex more,
Dont pretend you dont want to be vile when you know the fury is going to last for a while.

Fights we always thought but never fought hinders us from buying the freedom we would have bought,
And the tears we are ashamed to cry floods our psyches and drowns our hearts.

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I tell her words that make her feel my warm embrace without my touch.

Sometimes slow is the fastest you can go

Sometimes slow is the fastest you can go

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Shamba Kaunda Popularity

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