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My hand is a mirror of all my broken hearts
I would give you thirty hugs if I could see your smile again
Listen to my bleeding heartbeat
And understand the pain I feel

Once More

Pull myself back together just to fall once more
I know in my heart you won’t be my score
I sit around, wondering why you cared
And it always makes me think


Why do these things happen to me
Tell me, why does life have to be so unfair
Howcome you never can find a way to save yourself from dreadful cruelty
How come? How come?


i think now its time to forget about you
forget about all the things i put you through
im sorry for wat i did
i never thought about wat i said

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Jessy Wessy 01 April 2005

Heeeyy i found you! lol ur my favorite poet! XP ok yaaa byee P.s. This is ur darling just incase you didn't noe! ; ]

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