Shanto Armonde

Rookie (15, May - 1987)

Shanto Armonde Poems

1. The Clearing 10/6/2005
2. Born To Die Again 10/7/2005
3. An Escape 10/8/2005
4. My Darling Damned 9/10/2005
5. Why I Loved You 9/17/2005
6. From The Heart Of Man 9/23/2005
7. Moonlight Lover 9/28/2005
8. Black Birthday 10/10/2005
9. A Human Illusion 10/12/2005
10. Divine Prose 10/15/2005
11. Flora Existentialis 2/5/2007
12. A Frame Of Fallen Beauty 10/24/2007
13. True Beauty Burns 11/17/2008
14. In Paradiso (Haiku) 11/17/2008
15. Aegean Tears 12/1/2008
16. Appeal To Fate 10/14/2009
17. Treasure Joy (Haiku) 10/14/2009
18. Shattering (Haiku) 10/1/2005
19. Never Cared For Roses Red 10/22/2005
20. Mortal Sorrow 10/30/2005
21. Waltz With Wine 11/9/2005
22. A Message 9/29/2005
23. Solace In Sleep (Tanka) 10/1/2005
24. For Love And Money 10/16/2005
25. A Portrait Of Despair 9/22/2005

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Best Poem of Shanto Armonde

A Portrait Of Despair

Hair sparse, grey and weak,
Forehead marked by a life so bleak.
His bushy brows were curved by regret
Of a middling life that all would forget.

Eyes, desperate and dull, saddened to see
The joy forgone, the man he could be.
The chilling breath his nostrils drew,
Added to his grief and paled his hue.

Lips dry, lacking any color or care,
Long unkiss’d, frowning in despair.
Hands torn, scratched by tools and toil,
Symbols they were of his life of turmoil.

Shoulders shrunken, from the burden of sorrow,
Beyond waited another day, a sadder ...

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An Escape

Love is fleeting,
Yet broken hearts never mend...
Joy lasts but a moment in life,
But never dies from memory...

Misery is a cage,
Happiness is the escape...
Death is the end to pleasure.
Birth is the beginning of misery...

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