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Ignorant person
Disrespectful of others
Indifferent to feelings

Nothing works anymore
Everything is backwards
It doesn't make sense
The world is upside-down

Filled with crystal tears
And pearl dreams

A shattered ruby heart

I got off the train and saw you...
Your hair so much thinner and tousled.
And the corners of your eyes and mouth droop now.

Misty days I travel in
My heart wondering
I seek peace
Time and vulnerability

It sits in the hall majestically
Ticking away the time
Steadfast and true
This grandfathers clock of mine

Thou shalt be brought down
And shalt speak out of the ground
Thy speech low out of the dust
The words of a book that is sealed

Non existent
On the go

Shoestring lifestyle

Your sweet brown eyes
Soft with love
Blinking up at me
Remembering now

Quietly we tip-toed
As through the house we went
To see if he had come
Our childlike intent


Friends by blood or choice
Always obedient
Makes amends
In joy or sorrow

Seeking to know the past
Loved ones known and beyond
They are dear
I love them all

More peaceful now
More peaceful now and grateful

Grateful to god

Outside looking in
Hands and face against dark glass
Trying to see inside
At the party going on

Frozen winter nights
Ornate decorations on the tree
Running through the snow
Giving strangers smiles

Computer frustration
Once again the freeze
What am I to do now
To set my mind at ease?

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Ignorant person
Disrespectful of others
Indifferent to feelings
Thinking you know everything...

Go away!

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'We all have 20/20 hindsight.'

People make lousy mind readers.

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