Sharon Jane Lansbury

Sharon Jane Lansbury Poems

1. Kind And Useful Slugs 1/22/2014
2. Relatively Slow 1/22/2014
3. Clarissa And Daughter 1/22/2014
4. Ooops Sorry! My Mistake! 1/22/2014
5. Brian Is Six 1/22/2014
6. Felicity Flotsam 1/22/2014
7. The Greedy Centipede 1/22/2014
8. Henry Wilmer At The Dentist 1/22/2014
9. Polly Sprocket's New Hair-Do 1/22/2014
10. Super Model Mouse 1/22/2014
11. Gloria Gets A Fright 1/22/2014
12. Instruction Manuals Are Written For A Purpose 1/22/2014
13. Lucy Dora Stuck In Flora 1/22/2014
14. Forget Me Knot 1/22/2014
15. Roof Garden 1/22/2014
16. Fatterpillar 1/22/2014
17. A Gruesome Discovery! 1/22/2014
18. The Ladybirds Who Have No Spots 1/22/2014
19. Bed Bugs! 1/22/2014

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Best Poem of Sharon Jane Lansbury

Bed Bugs!

I snuggled with my book in bed,
a feather pillow for my head,
when something strange materialised
right there before my very eyes!

A troop of creatures fairly small
across my eiderdown they crawled,
they marched up to my book to see
if they might have a word with me!

Their leader said, in tiny tones:
‘listen up you lazy bones! ’
I gazed down at the crowd before me,
half a million, then add forty!

‘Well? ’ I said. ‘What’s wrong with you?
Do you want to hear this story too? ’
‘Darn and blast you! ’ he cried in fright:
‘You keep ...

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Lucy Dora Stuck In Flora

A silly bug called Lucy Dora
tripped and fell into some Flora.
Apparently, she bumped her head
when landing on the slice of bread.

She wobbled to and fro and muttered
‘unlucky that this bread was buttered! ’
Lucy Dora went round the bend
and came upon a sticky end!

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