Sharon Swathi Gaddala Poems

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Can`t Help Falling In Love With You..

I don't believe in soulmate, no one is perfect,
love a person, with all their imperfection,

Love them the way they are, with no bar, they will never go far,

If You Love Me, Don`t Cut My Wings!

If you love me, don`t cut my wings,

I love with all my heart
I love with all my soul

A Kid I Knew. Now Handsome Grew

A kid I knew, now handsome grew,
That style and twinkle smile,
My heart ran miles and miles,

Wanted To, Wanted You

Almost a decade gone, many to be born,

My world upside down, aloft with a heavy head crown,
Wanted every inch of your skin, from toe to above your chin,

My Life My Choice! !

Life is all about the choices we make,

Good or bad, no one to decide or gape,

Kiss Was In The Air!

That day was exhilarating,
My heart was already drenching,

Split Second I saw, in awe,

As A Little Girl

As a little girl
I knew my perfect world
Growing up to be a fearless woman
ready to take on any demon

Go Let Go..

I let you go so you could be you,
I knew what I saw was true,
Whats in holding on to you,
I decided and withdrew,

Was Your Heartbeat

A sound I heard that midnight
Everything was dead quite
Your eyes shinning so bright
A garden of delight

I Am That She

I know I am great in some way, I am that SHE,
I know I have my own way, I am that SHE,
I dared to dream and pursued them, I am that SHE,
I am unflinching and audacious, I am that SHE,

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