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1. With You! 8/13/2009
2. Smiling All The Time 8/13/2009
3. Just Let Go! 8/13/2009
4. I'M So Confused 8/13/2009
5. Pretender 8/13/2009
6. Love 8/13/2009
7. My Mistake 8/13/2009
8. Christmas 8/13/2009
9. Sayings 8/13/2009
10. Window 8/13/2009
11. Broken 8/13/2009
12. Sad 8/13/2009
13. Crying 8/13/2009
14. Why Me 8/13/2009
15. Never Togethere 8/13/2009
16. Mom 8/13/2009
17. Joys Might Die 8/13/2009
18. Confess 8/13/2009
19. Why Do I Care? 8/13/2009
20. Who Am I? 8/13/2009
21. Father! 8/13/2009
22. Death Strikes! 8/13/2009
23. The Love Of My Life 8/13/2009
24. Crying Out My Window 8/13/2009
25. Beauty 8/13/2009
26. My Fairy Tale 8/13/2009

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My Fairy Tale

i always thought i could live a fairy tale,
i could find the guy of my dreams,
never feeling the pain that i feel today,
i messed up my life i always do,
i'll never get the guy of my dreams,
i read only love story's wishing i could live in one,
thinking i could find true love the same way,
i always have dreams about him,
i never want to wake up,
but morning comes,
sadness strikes and a new live begains..

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I'M So Confused

U tell me u love me u tell me u want me but when i ask u it’s always a no
U told me that u would never hurt me
But here u goes u hurt me yet again
And pretend like u don’t care when we went out u told ME u liked me
But now i find out u never did, watt r u doing to me and y now
I let u in but u hurt me somehow
I miss when u would hug me i miss when u said u cared
I MISS how u could always make me smile i need u the most
But your gone in a flash the way i needed u i don’t get and yet i sti

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