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Shelby Smith Poems

1. What If.... 3/8/2011
2. Just Me 3/8/2011
3. Bliss 8/19/2011
4. Angel In The Darkness 8/19/2011
5. Tears 8/19/2011
6. The Pain 8/19/2011
7. No One Knows 8/19/2011
8. Hard Life 8/19/2011
9. I Guess I'Ll Never Know 8/19/2011
10. You 9/19/2011
11. Reminds Me Of You 9/19/2011
12. Coffee 9/22/2011
13. You See 9/22/2011
14. Together 9/22/2011
15. My Friend 9/22/2011
16. Person Poem 1/10/2012
17. With You, It's True 2/18/2012
18. I'M Missing You 11/25/2008
19. I'M Calling On That Name 11/25/2008
20. That's Why He's Here 11/25/2008
21. First Kiss 11/26/2008
22. Love (It Doesn'T Really Have A Name, That's Just The Only Way I Could Describe It) 12/4/2008
23. Calling My Name 5/6/2010
24. Movement 5/6/2010
25. The Song Of My Pastor 3/3/2010
26. Like Another Mother 11/25/2008
27. Only Goodbye For Now 2/21/2011
28. I Think I Love You 11/25/2008

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Best Poem of Shelby Smith

I Think I Love You

I think I love you
I know I might
I just hope
That we are right
I want to be serious
And I want to have fun too
Being with you
Makes me feel comfortable
Because I know I am safe
I just want to be with you
I just want to be alone
Just for a little while
Without a hawk
Flying over us
Watching our every move
Because I think I love you

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Like Another Mother

The way you are with me
The way I am with you

You're like another mother

We may not see everyday
We may not talk everyday

But your still like another mother

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