Shelley Byron Keats Poems

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For The Birds

A parrot was sick, yes quite chronic;
he took Henry's poems for a tonic.
He let out a squawk, now all people talk.
Supersonic he died on moronic.

The Likeness Is Frightening!

The town of Henry's very own birth
wanted a tribute to this poet's worth.
They erected his statue
then someone sneezed, 'ka-choo! '

Henry's A Treasure: Bury Him

Henry dreamed the New World to see-a
on the Pinta, Nina, Santa Maria;
but that Columbus was such a strange fella,
when Herbie his own poems would yell-a

Sugar Intensive Diet

Gus the glutton whenever he was able
dined on Henry's pages of poems on the table.
He swilled them. He slurped them.
At high tea he burped them:

He Didn'T Make The Cut

Henry desired the Nobel Prize.
In his eyes fine writing spelled lies.
He tried to steal the award
but took a slash from a sword

The Royal Descent

Shakespeare's character, Richard the Third
had a fondness for every turd.
Hernry's poems had the tone
-he wanted one for his own-

Beyond Belief

Garbed in sacred luminescence,

The Play Actor

Henry tied his black cape on-(he's small)
Hung from wall, he'd enthrall at the ball!
Some actors were there,
Henry just couldn't care:

Henry Believes It's Better To Give

A man collapsed on the road.
Then a thief stole his wallet, I'm told.
The next pinched his key
and his left plastic knee.

But Say The Great Tsunami Had Touched You..

But then say that the great Tsunami had touched you:
fingered you with spray, swallowed you whole,
then spat you out again....
Yet your wife, the clinging children an inch away, all just screaming bait

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