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1. Father Everlasting Love 1/3/2012
2. She Won'T Cry 1/3/2012
3. Me 1/3/2012
4. What Happened To The Happy Days 1/3/2012
5. I'M A Sad Fairy 1/3/2012
6. Emotion 1/3/2012
7. Reflection Gone 1/3/2012
8. I'M Sorry 1/3/2012
9. A Mission 1/3/2012
10. Mothers And Daughters 1/3/2012
11. For A Baby About To Come 1/3/2012
12. To My Dad 1/3/2012
13. Good-Bye 12/28/2012
14. For My Sister There Is No Replacement 1/3/2012
15. The Writing's On The Wall 1/3/2012
16. I Am 1/3/2012
17. So Long For Now 1/3/2012
18. Grandpa 1/3/2012
19. Childhood Is... 1/3/2012
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Childhood Is...

Childhood is hanging your pictures on the refrigerator, and tea parties you always have to cater.
Childhood is chasing butterflies and picking flowers,
playing with blocks and making towers.
Childhood is hating nap time,
and thinking everything is always MINE
Childhood is crayons and coloring books,
Playing hide and go seek in all the right nooks.
Childhood is falling asleep to your favorite lullaby,
wishing you had wings so you could soar into the sky.
Childhood is only crying over a scrapped knee,
or being stung by a bumble bee
Childhood is thinking boys...

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She Won'T Cry

You see the pain that lies in my eyes
But, alas, my eyes are dry,
I won't cry
No, I won't cry.

You see the anger that burns from my eyes
The madness that sets my eyes ablaze,
I won't cry
No, I won't cry.

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