Shourav Pednekar

Shourav Pednekar Poems

1. The Masked Faces 8/12/2015
2. Ahimsa 8/14/2015
3. The One With Crows 8/14/2015
4. The Rant 8/14/2015
5. The Discovery 8/14/2015
6. To Irritation 8/14/2015
7. The Lost Battle 8/15/2015
8. Raised Voices 8/17/2015
9. The Walk 8/17/2015
10. Escape From Society 8/17/2015
11. No Space For Resentment 8/18/2015
12. Humility 8/12/2015
13. The Dull Moment 8/12/2015
14. The Divine 8/12/2015
15. Everyday People 8/11/2015
16. The Night Tryst 8/12/2015

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Best Poem of Shourav Pednekar

The Night Tryst

The lonely night and I,
With soul-fury afire,
Consummate our thought-love,
Quenching our desire.

The lonely night and I,
Like companions meant to be,
Commemorate our union,
And conceive poetry.

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The Dull Moment

The watch stares at me broken,
Time lying still.

Thinking, thinking, dreaming.

I wake up and look at the same broken watch.

Mend your ways o time,
Catch up with me I say.
You may have eternity to pay,
But I have just this day.

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