shuvo chakraborty Poems

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Melting Pot

Me, a melting pot, under scorching realities
Reducing in awesome pace
Without any natures grace,
Carrying a crying soul to be pitied.


Let me lost forever before I meeting you
As I am firm on my belief that you may wither
Much before I see you.
For several years my vain expectation

She Has Arisen Like A Full Moon

She has arisen like a fool moon
In his heaven,
That puts him in ecstasy
Approved by the blinking stars strewn in array.

In Rain Washed Night

In rain washed night,
When every thing is out of sight
Because of hazy rainy splash
seething the earth with drenched lash.

Obituary To Innocents (Killed School Children Of Pakistan)

Stalking death, pale faced
Invaded the gods nest
Turning it the valley of deads
In loving company of blind sense.

Quarter Moon

The quarter moon has arrived on seaside,
The carved bay being limited by sandline
Is quite pleased with saline touch
And is watched carelessly by drowsy moon.


White pebbles on lonely road
Looking snow with sunny glow,
Roots of tree, earth beneath
Gather strength to withstand blow.


Her embracing self
Sweeps you away to an unknown river dale
Currents of her whirling posture
Working wonder when together.

In Cotemplation

Cats are running around
Besieging all the burrows in sniffing jestures,
Blackened spirits in utter desperation
Seeking quivering mouse on holes.

Hill Top Evening

October evening besets on topping hill
Dividing the cluster of hilly heads in twin shapes
One in foggy spell another of lighting face with cloudy embrace.
Behind the cloudy veil lies the snowy peaks

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