Sidnee Rhone Poems

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My Fantasty Boy..

As i sit and dream in a fairly world
I see the boy of my dreams
As i sit back and think of the pain and tears of heartbreaks
Then its you I see


Through the years we spent
together all i discover is pain

why do i stay


Looking back at the past and seeing that theres
so many mistakes that came upon me

feeling that theres no one to love me for me

Being With You

What can I say being with you makes me feel like a queen
You treat me with so much respect
We can talk about anything, everything
Being without you I couldn't image what I will feel


Watch out, can you see there's pieces of my heart laying on the floor
Look do you see that I was hurt, crying, in pain
The redness of my heart has fade away
Now can't eat or sleep

My Friend

years of laughter and fun
Pain, tears, hurtness that we have shared
Looking back at all the females you dated
the ones you called baby and the ones you said that you loved