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My life was lately
on the go...
sleeping bag and travel kit,
and late moon's show


He came somewhere
From the distance
How long he's traveled
I don't know

My Old Village (In Croatia )

How do you look, my village
in the wintery mountain valley?
Is the old house still standing?
Are your young boys now dying?

Mountain Girl

She came from
the land
where peasants live
up high

Guess What Comes To Mind

Traffic on the road,
guess what comes to mind
in my pensive state
memories I find

Silvana Krculic Comments

Maria Santalesa 26 May 2020

Hello Silvana, how are you surviving? I enjoy reading your poems I would to use a poem in my next newsletter if you agree. It will be fir the Istria Women’s Club All the best Maria

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