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Why do i feel like a piece of me is leaving?

The one person i'm born to follow.

A Crack In The Cement

I feel the way cement looks after 10 years.

Worn down to the point that i need to renew myself.

Nobody Knows

Nobody knows how it feels to be hurt.
Not hurt by love, not hurt by jealously, but hurt by rumors and harassment.
Nobody knows how it feels to be hurt but me because I’m the one going through it.


She runs into the house up the stairs and ran in her bedroom.
She’s sitting on the floor rocking back and forward back and forward
She stands up walk slowly into her bathroom.
She’s thinking about the teenagers at school and how they were picking on her. She searching for her razor “where is my razor” she finds her razor in the medicine cabinet and slowly starts to cut herself;

Just Friend

Just friends, lover no more.
Just friends but not like before to think of what we've been and not to kiss again.
Is like pretending it isn't the ending.
Two friends - drifting apart

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