Simpa omoluabi

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Simpa omoluabi Poems

1. Nightfall 2/12/2013
2. Sacrifice Of Dreams 3/20/2013
3. A Fragment 8/12/2013
4. He Endures 1/23/2014
5. Serene Notions 1/23/2014
6. On This Carpet 1/23/2014
7. Love Note 1/25/2014
8. The Heart Of Liberty(Beginning Stanzas) 5/6/2014
9. For The Maids Of Chibok 7/24/2014
10. Wounded Maenad 9/29/2014
11. The Requiem 9/29/2014
12. Your Foveola 9/29/2014
13. The Timid Shepherd 9/29/2014
14. Seated In Tiers 10/8/2014
15. Out Of The Loom 10/8/2014
16. The Starlings Make Way 10/8/2014
17. Oedipus Is Man 10/10/2014
18. Keeper At The Loftiest Stonegate 1/2/2015
19. Muted Dreams 1/13/2015
20. The Days Bleed 1/13/2015
21. Incubus 1/13/2015
22. Electorate Watchword 1/19/2015
23. To The Play Adam And Eve And The Marriage God 4/30/2015
24. Who Sees The Wind? 5/20/2015
25. Babylon Babel's Tower, (A Tribute To Prophet Moses) 5/20/2015
26. Lucifer Mon Muse 6/24/2015
27. Mask Ancient And Contemporary 6/24/2015
28. For Snowden And Assange 6/29/2015
29. Bridges 9/29/2017
30. My Lady In Red 9/29/2017
31. Making Up Your Mind 9/29/2017
32. Apocalyptus Ii 9/29/2017
33. Maidens In The Epitasis 11/24/2014
34. Arise O Snlight, Come Outshine The Stars 11/24/2014
35. At The Bank... 1/2/2015
36. Understanding (Upright-Ones In Birthplaces) 11/24/2017
37. Must-Not-Mention Name Of God (Sonnet 32) 1/2/2015
38. Torrid Curfew 11/24/2014
39. Weaver 2/12/2013
40. Blow Job 10/19/2017

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Blow Job

‘The kingdom of God is heaven on earth'
So says the divine book of the MORNINGSTARWITNESS

‘The kingdom of God is paradise on earth'
So says the divine book of the MORNINGSTARWITNESS

‘Heaven on earth is the kingdom of God'
So says the divine scriptures of the MORNINGSTARWITNESS

‘Paradise on earth is the kingdom of God'
So says the divine verses of the MORNINGSTARWITNESS

4ck all religion that promises heaven after death
Embrace the revolution that promises the kingdom of God on earth

4ck all religion that promises paradise after death

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He Endures

The progenitors are the past of the future,
but coming and going the children come after them,
and what comes after trails
and what trails is behind.
The progenitors are the past and our pasts are behind:
both, offsprings and forebears trails and drags themselves.
A hen after her chicks, the future hopefully before us on one hand. A duck, before her’s, opening paths to the future on the other... the future behind led daringly:
hope and bravery tight-fisted in the hands of a newborn.

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