Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Poems

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A Hunting Morning

Put the saddle on the mare,
For the wet winds blow;
There's winter in the air,


There is a better thing, dear heart,
Than youthful flush or girlish grace.
There is the faith that never fails,
The courage in the danger place,

The Groom's Story

Ten mile in twenty minutes! 'E done it, sir. That's true.
The big bay 'orse in the further stall--the one wot's next to you.

The Old Huntsman

Here's a keen and grim old huntsman
On a horse as white as snow;
Sometimes he is very swift
And sometimes he is slow.

The Franklin's Maid (From 'The White Company')

The franklin he hath gone to roam, The franklin's maid she bides at home; But she is cold, and coy, and staid, And who may win the franklin's maid?

The Inner Room

It is mine – the little chamber,
Mine alone.
I had it from my forbears
Years agone.

The Irish Colonel

Said the king to the colonel, 'The complaints are eternal, That you Irish give more trouble Than any other corps.'

The Guards Came Through

Men of the Twenty-first
Up by the Chalk Pit Wood,
Weak with our wounds and our thirst,

The Song Of The Bow

What of the bow?
The bow was made in England:
Of true wood, of yew-wood,
The wood of English bows;

The Frontier Line

What marks the frontier line? Thou man of India, say! Is it the Himalayas sheer,

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