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I KNOW my soul hath power to know all things,
Yet she is blind and ignorant in all:
I know I'm one of Nature's little kings,
Yet to the least and vilest things am thrall.

The Dignity Of Man

Oh what is man, great Maker of mankind!
That Thou to him so great respect dost bear;
That Thou adorn'st him with so bright a mind,

Of Humane Knowledge

Why did my parents send me to the Schooles
That I with knowledge might enrich my mind?
Since the desire to know first made men fools,

From 'The Triumph Of Death'

London now smokes with vapors that arise
From his foule sweat, himselfe he so bestirres :
'Cast out your dead!' the carcase-carrier cries,
Which he by heapes in groundlesse graves interres.—

From ' The Holy Roode'

To thee, my God, my Lord, my Jesus Christ,
Will I ascribe all glory, pow'r and grace ;
Thee will I serve, say pagans what they list,
And with the arms of love thee still embrace ;

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Sir John Davies (April 16, 1569 – December 8, 1626) was an English poet and lawyer, who became attorney general in Ireland and formulated many of the legal principles that underpinned the British Empire.

Davies was born in Wiltshire, to John and Mary Davies. He was educated at Winchester College for four years, a period in which he showed much i ...

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