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Not I'm a great poet, I'm just poetry loving kid of about 14. I have started writing a little verses from 2011, now ALLHAMDULILLAH I'm with alot. It can be said my hobby or can by said my interest, I love poetry with all the views of my life.

Sir. Shaheer Ahmed Poems

My Childhood

It was a time
Which has gone in the past
Hiding from Mom i used to eat lime
My childhood had really gone so fast

The Nature 2

The nature's face
Is the humans grace

The nature's hand

The Nature 1

Enjoy the nature
Take as much as you can picture

Look at the nature

Rain In The Desert

Rain in that desert
Which was very withered
Every one is busy in his gossip
Sand is now in every sand tip

My Room

This room is mine
The pictures in it are nine

For me this room is fine

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