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Internet Trolls

Internet trolls. Nobody but them shall be pitied and shamed. They are nothing but garbage and scum of the universe.

We just ignore them and they shall fade away into the void of nothingness, like death on a summer's day.

A Lone Swing

Late at night, a swing set sits by itself. As the clock strikes twelve, a lone swing started moving on its own.

A ghost of a man sat in the swing, and he used his ghostly legs to push the swing. He had a sad and strange expression on his pale white face.

American Pickers

Two great guys, Mike, Frank, and their friend, Danielle go around picking up junk and other things.

Another person's junk is another person's treasure. Prices are said and deals are made.

Known And Unknown

Time known, time unknown, future told, future untold.

No-one knows what life holds for those who stay behind after those who have marched ahead of them in time.


Clothes. Almost everyone wears them. They are necessary to wear, and sometimes they are not.

We are free to wear whatever clothes that we want to wear, whenever we want to wear said clothes and that's a part of our free will.

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