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Depression Is Funny Like That By Reagan Myers

This week I sat in an auto zone parking lot and cried for ten minutes because I couldn't change a head light, which sounds like a lead up to a terrible stand-up routine, right? One where the joke is always on me? Like, haha, I ate half a bag of pretzel m&ms at 11: 30 in the morning IN BED or, I watched the pilot of Gossip Girl ten times in the past two weeks because I keep falling asleep half way through because being sad is a goddamn joke sometimes.

My headlight went out and my first thought was "seems right." I couldn't change it myself because I'd have to take off the whole bumper or something and I thought "of course" or "I wish I was dead."Being this kind of sad is funny that way, no inconvenience is a minor inconvenience, it's all the end of the world or might as well be, my brain is dramatic like that.

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