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I've got my ticket for the subway
I've gonna run from its evil way
It's the cause of his bad life
The good one that he sacrificed

I Love Skittles

Skittles are my favorite kind of food
It always puts me in a exciteditly mood
Its not that hard to see
How good this candy can be


Pretty ponies and unicorns
Protect me from thunderstorms
Manbearpig comes and saves me
Gives me some of his neverending candy

Being Grounded

I'm grounded from my car
I'm grounded from t.v.
I'm grounded from my guitar
It's really killing me

Zombies Are Real

Halloween is back and so am I
So you better run or you're gonna die
Because I'm coming after you in your home
You're gonna be in pieces before I'm done

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