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The cold
haunts me like a
I feel it deep down

What would happen
if you were
told that today
was your last


Can you walk away
if I told you
I had a secret you
couldn't know, would you

How are you gonna
hide the wounds?
How are you going
to cover

He haunts my days
He haunts my nights
I don't have a say
I have no rights.


We follow them like broken soldiers
I let my emotions smolder
I pretend to veer
But they pull us together like a herd of deer


There's the jocks and the preps
There's the nerds
The preps believe they can be temps
The nerds are like a herd.

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Im twelve years old and I write stories that unfortantly have not been published yet but all my poems and haikus were made by me.)

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The cold
haunts me like a
I feel it deep down
where no
one esle can.I feel
the breeze
that comes with it each
pull away in hope
that it
will end but no such
luck for
me to even hold
on to
I feel it dig deep
my soul the one thing
I thought
I could protect from
the cold
everyone around me
is warm
and comfy.No one but
me feels
the cold press against
me in
hope that I'll give up.

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