Stephen De Marino Poems

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Mud Football

After dividing ourselves
And having dressed
In near angelic whiteness
Do we stroll upon the field

Coos Bay Coffee Shop

Coffee shop in Oregon
Door hidden in the wall
Smoke lingers 'round the table
Easy joking regulars

French Fries

Oh man, I know this is bad
But the feeling of the grease
Running down your chin
The ketchup, the cooking oil

Wood Worker

Nail, dowel, screw
Glue, paper, tool
With these do I prepare
Arms flowing along grain

Monday Before Work

Gravity's firm hold
Especially wearisome today
Sleep, the deepest sleep
Becomes a siren call

September 11...

gray pall
broken glass falling
myriad reflections
showing horrors

Mare Esposa

Looking at my wife
Is like staring at the sea
In all its turbulent complexity
Her passion and energy

She Is...

She is glass
All fragility and transperency
She is steel
Flexible with her strength

Reading On Sunday

We are reading
Enjoying the quietness
Peace seeped into wood and timbers
Cats curled up in amber rounds

Mother's Day Without Mom...

I am thinking of Mom today
It is Mother's day after all
Seems criminal she is not here to share it
There will be no call during the Big Game

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