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When wisdom is lost what do we use to find it?
If the head is cut why should the cap become prominent?
Where the wall is broken, who clamours for keys?
When the man is burnt who still looks for beard?

to the stone that sharpens axe,
to the stone that grinds pepper,

I cannot die this I know so well.
I am nature and nature is me.
Same as we are, we move; flow together as one.
One from one and the other back to source.


Love, a cup I hold;
I've drank and from whence I am drunk.
The cross on my shoulder lay.
In fear I whimper;

As I alighted from the express electric train,
My eyes traveled to the happy people;
Concentrated smiles of contentment playing
On the nourished faces

Love clothed in odds this much never have I seen
Or ever I found so shrouded in mysterious misery.
Wounds from Cupid's arrows in ages past fester.
Her heart ache with longing,

Give me the sun, I'll be radiant in shine.
Give me the moon, I'll be brilliant in lit.
Give me your smile, let the blossom of my heart bloom;
Let your arms in loving embrace open;

I ponder in my heart if feelings they have
Or thought of their own posses they.
I am thinking in my mind if they too have souls
Or do they think we are unfair to them

Eko akete,
Where our wisdom is lost,
Where our identity is missed,
Where blind man leads full sighted folks

I am too moved to be moved
Too empty bellied to be hungry.
Every day I live a stranger to myself,
A riddle, boxed in mystery,

Love they call it but it get me confused.
To my mummy, it is called love,
The one for my babe affection yet it’s love
The one for my work, dedication yet love it is

The world‘s upside down
You wear your coat front -backward
You think upside down
You make me feel awkward

With arm stretched in my front,
The extension of my arm you see,
Sparsely populated with coins,
The round little bowl I admire.

A second at a time, a minute as it comes,
an hour as I see, a day at a time,
Life I take. life rushes in, a shadow.
To see tomorrow no one can tell,

If I had the chance to live
I would live for Love
If I had a life to chance
Would be chanced for Love

The melody of the rythym:
The tac toc tac toc of your heart against it bony cage beat
Seeking expression unfathomly so sweet
As you sweetly lay in my arms

The bird, with the wings of wind they fly
Aeroplanes on the wing of wind they glide,
Our lives, on the wing of wind they soar!

When you say you are humble,
I look for your greatness.
When you say you stoop,
I scan your height.

Why didn't you tell me?
Only to hear in the air when the birds sing it!
The singsong of birthday so sweet.
Happy many returns I join them sing!

Mama I love you.
I remember, though faintly, the delicacy of your milk
I 'll never forget the hen that kept the hawks away!
With your feeble waves

Stephen Olufemi Omolara Biography

Stephen Olufemi Omolara was born in the agrarian town of Ode-Aye Ondo State, Nigeria. He got his elementary education from L. A. Practising School, Ode-Aye, and proceeded to Daniken High School, Ode-Aye for his Secondary education. In the year 1983, young Stephen discovered his poetic abilities under the guidiance of one Mr Ijiwande who was a teacher then. His first set of work were not documented but rather rendered in his native tongue, Yoruba, at school competitions and special occassions. However, Stephen wrote his first English poem in 1987 to mourn the death Mr Ikumawoyi, the then senior tutor at Layelu High School, Ode-Aye. Stephen is also known as a musician under the name Ambassador Lara Steve. He obtained hons in the field of Sociology and Anthropology from Ondo State University, Ado-Ekiti in 1996. Stephen is married to Eunice Olubunmi. They are blessed with children.)

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When Wisdom Is Lost

When wisdom is lost what do we use to find it?
If the head is cut why should the cap become prominent?
Where the wall is broken, who clamours for keys?
When the man is burnt who still looks for beard?
'Tis only a fool that looks for the mark of cut in water
He only can look for the tracks of flight of birds
Or better still want to know what the corpses eat in the grave.
When wisdom is lost, the elders dance naked in the markets
Passing calabashes of palm wine in merriment.
Sleeping while riding their bicycles.
Where wisdom is lost the cobra looks like a rope;
Yes an ill wind that blows no one good
Oh why should the footless die fighting for shoes?
Or the toothless die for bones?
I am confused. Yes logically paralyzed.
On the wheel chair of wisdom, I see
Where the elders defecate in the open
On paths where their offsprings tread,
And in market squares where it must be
That in four days they must be back
When the offenses of odor its peak just reached
That means logic stand on its head
Wisdom lost its path
Then in the town of the blinds,
Where a one eyed man is found,
Who shall be the king?
Let the young flies be warned,
The animal that is slow lives longest in the forest.
But it needs little wisdom to know,
That is the fly that is ill advised
That enters the grave with the corpse.
When you prove me wrong,
My apologies I will tender;
And my ignorance I must admit.
Before warned, I was told, is before armed.

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An African who write as an African: filled with rich words.

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Omolara Olufemi Stephen 01 March 2013

He is an erudite writer.

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When everyone in your clan is under your foot, it is easy for you to fall.

You can start like a domestic cat, a bobcat, a cheetah or a leopard but end like a tiger.

All men are psychologically wired lazy but for needs and wants; we all love pleasures and leisure.

He who never tries never fails and he never fails never succeeds.

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Stephen Olufemi Omolara Popularity

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