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Steve Trimmer Poems

1. At Eventide 6/25/2007
2. Chrystal The Beautiful 6/25/2007
3. A Sonnet; To The Scythian Queen 6/25/2007
4. A Sonnet To Eve 6/25/2007
5. Her Cretan Axe 7/2/2007
6. To Versify In Certitude 7/2/2007
7. Eurynome 7/29/2007
8. A Rhapsody To Urana 7/29/2007
9. Aphrodite Of The Main 7/29/2007
10. The Triumvirate Of Lady Hera 8/21/2007
11. A Requiem To Dear Brian And Nathan 8/21/2007
12. Druidess 5/23/2007
13. Ode To A Sweet Sister 6/19/2007
14. Maia 8/23/2007
15. An Obsequy To Semele (My Love) 8/23/2007
16. Voice From The Duat 9/10/2007
17. Sonnet To Brianna And Lily 9/17/2007
18. Benighted Reveries 12/28/2007
19. Helicon; Lady River 12/28/2007
20. Queen Of The Elysian Island 12/28/2007
21. To Sweet Patty, My Cordelia 12/28/2007
22. Beloved 12/28/2007
23. The Erinnyes 1/3/2008
24. The Witches Of Thessaly 1/3/2008
25. Koyaanisquatsi 1/3/2008
26. The Dogma Of Modernity 1/3/2008
27. Pyrra`s Deluge 1/3/2008
28. Pandora 1/3/2008
29. Isis And The Sages Of Sais 1/3/2008
30. An Entreaty To Eos 1/3/2008
31. The Daughters Of Erechtheus 1/3/2008
32. Leucothea 1/3/2008
33. Maeve; A Soliloquay 1/3/2008
34. The Malapert Lordling 5/26/2008
35. These Hearts Of Fire; A Song 5/26/2008
36. A Lost Epopee To The Dana 5/26/2008
37. Why Do I Stay? ; A Song 5/26/2008
38. Phoenissa 5/26/2008
39. Europe 5/26/2008
40. Hypatia 5/26/2008

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Best Poem of Steve Trimmer

The Fates

The Lady`s Three, The Fates
Daughters of fair Goddess Night
Three aspects of the moon in flight
The Moerae, phases of thy lunar dates

First by name is Clotho
'Spinner of the Thread of Life'
Maiden fate of waxing light
Lissom love not doleful

The second Fate by name, Lachesis
'The measurer of Life`s Thread Length'
The burnished white, in full moon`s strength
Nymph fate of sanguine blood is

The third Fate by name, Atropos
'The cutter of The Thread'
The crone Fate of the dead
The waning moon, sends Banshee`s of apropos

Zeus`s folly ...

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A Sonnet To Eve

In the beginning, their was 'She'
Creatress of Earth, Life and Sea
Leafy Quince, She put on boughs of Trees
And Apples, Figs and all thou please
Sweet Eve, She sent, to soils below
And from Her loins, boy Adam bestow
In peace, led by Daughters, they came to fruition
And ate The Fruits, in Wise Gardens, of Her erudition
In The Garden they danced, bare, neath Her Moon

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