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Here lies the American Dream,
Replaced with sin, dashed hopes, plots and schemes.
Here lies what our forefathers died for,
What so many honest folk tried for.

I've a shield of Vibranium,
And my target is the crimson cranium.
Born into a life of the mundane,
Until I was in the Army, contained.

Heroes won't exist
As long as hesitancy persists
No capes will flow
If our willingness to accept doesn't show

There is a feeling I can't refuse
A love I won't abuse
For without you I'm sure the sun wouldn't rise
This love is such a surprise


A lone hero walks this Earth
He's been wandering since birth
He fights with unwavering determination
For the simple conservation

Clear away the dust and rubble,
Get through the rough and tumble,
Unto something undefined, something genuine,
So your new life can be refined, and begin again.

I love you!
You make me feel brand new
Even the simplest word said
Is enough to drive me out of my head

If only to be a superhero
I would help all I could
Instead of being a zero
Being better than I should

Rain drops come crashing down
Our steps in sync with the pitter patter
Thunderous roars fill the air
Our laughter quells the noise

Stranger in the night
Telling me everything will be alright
Stranger in the night
Making my smile shine ever so bright

I've never felt this way before,
and I'll never feel this way again.
At least, not for anyone else.
You are mine, and I'm yours.

Meet my despair,
She doesn't even show signs of care.
She knows she'll be my destruction,
That's the meaning behind her construction.

Let's get lost for the weekend,
Jump off into the deep end,
Because nothing really matters but you and me,
And we'll have the time of our lives and that's plain to see.

I used to hug a bottle like it was family,
I had lost the man in me,
I was a coward,
And I was completely wayward.

Moonlight shooting from the night sky,
Landing lavishly in your eye,
Grey mixed with green,
A most beautiful sight to be seen.


I'd spend my nights wishing through and through,
Now, that's something I no longer have to do,
Because my wish finally came true,
I finally have you.

I vowed to be a better man
But I'm going against the plan
I'm a rebel
My own selfish demands, I propel

Knock another one back
As the room fades to black
Stagger to my friend
The good times never end

Those crazy times
Only fun was to be had
Saying such foolish rhymes
We were never mad

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I am just a person who often finds himself thinking in rhyme. I try to satisfy everyone but there is not nearly enough time. So i now just try to have fun and i can't stop loving all that life can throw at me; sure life is a cruel and unusual thing yet it still shows such beauty and grace. Well thats all i can think of for now)

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Here Lies The American Dream

Here lies the American Dream,
Replaced with sin, dashed hopes, plots and schemes.
Here lies what our forefathers died for,
What so many honest folk tried for.

Here lies what I thought was the good life,
Cut down by the blade of a sharp knife,
And knife happens to be named Poverty,
Which would explain why so many honest men robbin' me.

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