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81. Nothing Beats It 6/5/2013
82. Nothing Is Worth It 6/27/2013
83. Old Bill. 4/22/2013
84. On The Bus, To The Left, To The Right 6/11/2013
85. One More Day 3/30/2013
86. Poeple Have Everything. 4/8/2013
87. Questions? 6/8/2013
88. Ramble Ramble Ramble 5/8/2013
89. Reality 5/17/2013
90. Red Hair Girl 6/15/2013
91. Sex And Drugs And The Roll. 7/27/2013
92. She Was The One. 3/27/2013
93. Slowly To My Grave 6/9/2013
94. Start Writing 4/29/2013
95. Stunned Into Silence. 4/16/2013
96. Stupid People 5/26/2013
97. Sunshine Bubble Town 6/27/2013
98. Swampys In Town. 4/22/2013
99. That Beautiful Girl. 4/24/2013
100. That Bumble Bee. 4/17/2013
101. The Bar 5/8/2013
102. The Cafe. 4/10/2013
103. The Computer Age. 4/24/2013
104. The Cow In The Shop 6/13/2013
105. The Daisy 6/12/2013
106. The Dance Is Over 5/25/2013
107. The Enemy. 4/10/2013
108. The Girl In The Corner. 5/14/2013
109. The Last Bit Of Reality. 3/27/2013
110. The Match. 5/12/2013
111. The Meaning Of Life. 4/22/2013
112. The Modern World. 4/1/2013
113. The Old Dog. 4/6/2013
114. The Old Man With A Pork Pie Hat. 6/23/2013
115. The Same Dirty Glass. 3/28/2013
116. The Scumbag Place. 3/31/2013
117. The Tikoloshe 6/26/2013
118. The Wife Is Going To Kill Me 3/20/2013
119. The Working Drunk. 7/3/2013
120. There Has To Be Something On 3/21/2013
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Stupid People

Fed up of this
fed up of stupid people
fed up surrounding myself with idiots
always bitching at each other
always knowing what it could cause but doing it anyway
not thinking
not using their brains
just doin' it, knowing what it could cause and then wondering why
just idiots, stupid people
i'm staying out of this
i'm going to get drunk, throw up and pass out
i'd rather do that than sit here listening to a fight
don't act like the victim when it's your fault
you knew, but you did it anyway
i hate people
i hate the sight of them
i hate all of ...

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Yes Sir

Yes sir of course i'll do that
i'll clean your shoes sir, no problem
anything else?
oh, yes i will lick this shit off the floor
of course i'll do everything
of course i'll follow you
yes i will do everything you say
im in your complete command
yes sir, your the one whos in control

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