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A City Lay In Ruins

The faceless-ageless friends didn't find her hiding.
Instead there was a special gift,
the ability to hide in creases of time.
It hung there motionless on the wall as it had minutes ago.

All Is Fair In Love And War

Sinking into you is something I find myself doing all too often.

If only you made this easier by being ignorant or oblivious.
Instead you wear the gentlmen well and I can never fault you for that.


Waned and weary with only toil and trouble
my limbs could only travel this journey tired..

In my head to in my mind

Reversed Roles

Looking back,
In your previous attractions the role playing usually involved more than a pretty target.
Although it was unknown to you at the time, with each new growing experience, your perception as well as reality began to find you less subtle while betraying your most important values.
Making you cloudy as you forget that you are the one who decides if you will continue, a most clever rouse.

Tasseled Dreams

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A painter of words and collector of the rarest memories.

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