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You see the darkness in his eyes
seeking for your dimise
the darkness is surrounding
your heart is pounding

I agree with those who say that love comes in many ways.
They are right i wouldn't fight.
I am a victom of this, in love with someone who is not in mi sight,
far, but close at the sametime.

Your Childhood is a thought away
You think it would never see the light of day. Your childhood is a heart beat away.

Then you close your eyes, the thought comes clearly to your suprise. It brings a smile apon your face, the sun shining bright in the sky not a thought of a cloud.

Life is not fair
I wish you here
Life is not fair
I wish you hadn't gone

You wish upon a star
the star shining so bright
you make your wish
and say it twice to make sure that it gets it right

Im feeling like im being told how to live a certian way.It sucks!

People(parents/ whoever) telling me what to do and how to do it.NO!

Love is you
Love is me
I want to spend eternity,
With my love Which is you.


War is hurt
War is pain
War is something that is always invain
War brings death

My heart is broken into a million pices I need someone to fix it Please im crying it hurts so much.
I want my heart to be whole again not in a shattering million pices!
I need someone to fix my heart its falling apart.
I need my heart fixed, it beated its last beat.

what's it like to be free mama? '
the little slave girl asked her tired mother.
'What's it like to run around and play? ' she replied I don't know little one. '
but mama you were free once.

I know yor understanding
thats why i love you so
I hope this latsts forever
I never want you to go


I'm goin crazy with the way things are
Wishin apoun that great big star
Ain't got nothing so far…

My shining star's light is broken,
I can never make a wish.
Now I can't dream then make my wish that we can live together, forever with no war and peace forever.
Till my star is fixed i can only dream that the war does not last forever.

Am i dreaming?
i could be.its snowing on Christmas eve, but this is florida.
kids playing in the snow is this so.
If im dreaming i dont want to wake,


Im a ghost in this world.
walking on this unwinding road.
Never getting to the place where I want to go.
Following the flow of the people like me in this endless see.


your love is like the ocean, endless and forever.
I wish i was with you everyday, but i never get my way.
It's hard to say i hardly ever get my way eventhough i pray.
But i love it when u say it will be ok i'll be with you one day.

You'v won my heart from the very start.
I dont think well ever part.
Why are we so far apart though were close by heart?
Im falling apart because your so far way.


This place is cold so are the faces, with no warm smiles to brighten your day so you look the other way.
Till a certine time you just want to rhyme.
You rhyme to so you wont do any crime.
When you rhyme you stop time, watching to world slow around you, time is stopping.

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born in flroida.loves to write poems. i also draw, paint a little bit. i have a dog he is very smart and cute. i like to play sports. I want to be a poet and a drawing artist when i grow up, i also want to work with animals too.)

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You see the darkness in his eyes
seeking for your dimise
the darkness is surrounding
your heart is pounding
the devil has you in his powerful grip,
this is one bad trip!
but god has a tighter grip
he keeps you from sailing that ship.

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