RoseAnn V. Shawiak Subconscious Poems

Subconscious Manifestation

A rendezvous with life here in Mesa, four comedians in the
show, good times tonight, really liked by everyone, now to
the band with rock and roll playing in a dark atmosphere.

Subconscious Reality

Subconscious Vapor

Oceans of clouds lapping at my mind, tantalizing
memories for poems of mine.

Oceans of clouds clashing against this mind with

Subconscious Knowledge

Best friends bring a joyful liveliness into our lives,
allowing us to blossom in our own times and way.
Reason and logic make no sense in the love of a friend-

A Subconscious Ride

Soundly deliberating life's choices, wondering at their
difficulty when others are involved.

Complexity fills a mind with hundreds of mazes to work

A Subconscious Life

Reaching skyward, leaning back, looking and scanning
heaven's byways.

Sequestered thoughts quietly piling themselves on

Subconscious Facets

Touching my soul with a musical wand of pleasure,
taking me on a journey of insatiable desire.
Feeling an intense burning of my mind, as innate
talent steps out and takes over through writing,

Subconscious Sands

Writing on edges of subconscious sands, seeing desert
plains open before me in visions of nature.
Sensing feelings blowing in dust storms on evening
mornings, stepping along carefully, touching mindsets

Subconscious Dreams

Lightly traveling down ocean waves on rafts of
beginning, allowing beauty to sink in and take
over subconscious dreams in realms of imagination.
Creative juices, ebbing and flowing down mountain-

Subconscious Orb

Dedicated minds reserved for talented people,
innately attuned to wisdom's side streets,
beguiling grey matter with novel dimensions.

Subconscious World

Enrapt in life, listening to it's heartbeat alongside my own.
Reaching a high note, musically hearing rhythms of a different
type being slowly recognized in my mind as that of natural
beauty, situated in times of passive sorrow.

Subconscious Gates

Sliding deeper and deeper into contemplation, eluding people and things, wanting only to enter gates of my subconscious, where I will roam and wander down new avenues of rhythm's selections.
Caressing sounds of annotated beauty, cavorting with melody's notes of inspiration in gardens of eden.

Subconscious Imagination

Listening to Bach, musically toning down the pain I'm in.
Awakening mind filling with notes, melodies, words -
practicing how to speak life and nature through sublime
concentration and deepening contemplation.

Subconscious Pain

In the recesses of my mind are little known facts.
Some good, some bad, and who cares about the rest?
Things go floating in and out of my subconscious as if I were some kind of ferry boat.
The only toll they charge is the pain of memories I had tried to tuck away inside.

Unawakened Subconscious

Always remain open, nurturing, reaching out and life will
continue to fulfill your destiny.

Plights of experience enter inner dimensions realizing

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