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The darkness in the heart,
and the light in the eye,
matches the incomplete love,
of life and human nature and landscape.

Cancer is such that it kills
The cells of the body.
It copulates in itself and slowly
Destroys the affected area of the body.

They won't come anymore looking for you.
They won't bring any gifts or the cheque book.
No matter how much the thought of it.
That with diligent effort one must try

Do some excérsize.
Licking the day.
The midday afternoon. When everyone
is sleeping.


It is true that life is a hospital
Where everyone is suffering
Some kind of unspoken pain.
And the best part is

The morning sun shines and washes
Away all the grief and sorrow.
The journey now begins over the
Mountains and oceans.

Am I ordinary?
Standing question in the midst of the
Hot and humid evening with
Standstill of wind and motion.


Denial, depression, anger, bargains
Happiness, joy, joyride

When one cannot be given life again
Because it's already been given.
But since it's not yet been taken
And time is running

A storm is coming this way..
I thought I should ran away.
Where there's more time to think,
Where there is more time.

I woke up
This morning,
And my eyes fell on the
Bedside newspaper.

Every day I somehow
Gather my heart's
Shattered pieces
And try to reconstruct

Life still
Is an adventure,
As the conclusion
Remains uncertain.

Little arms and legs,
full of freshness.
I don't see the harm..
the delight,

After travelling many places,
after reading many books.
After meeting many people,
going through customs, cultures,

how I wonder what you are.
Up above the world so high,
like a diamond in the sky.


Under the sky,
along the wide road,
if you travel for sometime,
you will get the job,

Two girls sitting at a corner.
Eats pizza for lunch. Her skirt's
colour is blue.

It is one of those eras of travelling.Women - sun tanning.Laptops, cell phone. No it is not the smaller things in life that matters. But the larger goal, the bigger picture, the big question.

To what purpose, why, at what time.At what time the shift starts. Is cooking a good recreation or no? Fast cooked like veggies, bringing down to the question of travelling and travelling and staring.


Some see black,
some see white,
some see everything in
black and white.

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Hotelier by profession. Loves swimming and music.)

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Incomplete Love

The darkness in the heart,
and the light in the eye,
matches the incomplete love,
of life and human nature and landscape.

The vision that cannot be seen,
but can only be spoken of,
the pages that cannot be written,
but can only be torn off.

The incomplete love that co-insides
the love for the unknown world,
we would once travel and meet
without hearing or heard.

The cruel spring weather that,
acknowledges the incompleteness,
of to the near future...
of what lies out there.

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