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I'm finding myself
Inside many sanguine moods
Inside many inviting worlds
All in anticipation

Julie Andrews
Eat your heart out
My sound of music
Owns these hills

If love was a forest
I tip toe the climb through its beating heart
There is lost love, the dry deaf leaves
Strewn ground high and spread thick with utility

What I miss most from my youth
The spontaneous, combustible
Unaccountable insanity to
Will, thrill myself and others

I nearly took my life today,
No knife or rope or gun,
Instead, the weapon was the truth,
The bleeding has begun,

Ho, ho, ho,
I don't think so,
'Tis the season,
Nope, I'll give the reasons.

Things get done
With grace and virtue beyond
The usual dregs camping out
Virtuosity ceases to be priority


I sit here,
oblivious to worldly obstacles,
surrounded by air, and air alone,
presenting myself to G-d

So reader
Amaze me
With our interpretations of my soul
Those bleak enough to peel the onion dry

Click on connect,
To a world brought together,
By Sun, Cisco, and Gates,
And cybervixens named Heather,

Perched near the bend
where Sunset slides
From infamy to ecstacy
I watch the summer roll

I'm living my life,
Like a John Coltrane song,
Melodious dissonance,
All right and all wrong,

Down under
There's worlds of wonder
Where etiquette

part 1

That's what I said, I mean like why bother.
Unless of course he's willing to pay for everything, and I mean everything.

Everything has a fee,
Nothing on Earth's for free,
There is no relation,
Without compensation,

We gaze
The rock star serenades us
With platitudes
Neither near or far

Oh Bible Junkie
Proceed with caution
The needle sinking deep
Remind yourself

Join me inside the noise
Dark, sleek, cool gestures
Exascerbating the tales of whoa
Incinerating wisdom

What can be more pure joy,
than two four year-olds,
rrrracing their tricycles,
laughing unconditionally,

POTENTIAL is what you may or may not have,
according to someone else.

ABILITY is what you have at a particular moment,

Suburban Lovechild Biography

I’m one of those typical married-something guys – adorned with wife, kids, dogs and yard – that may live alongside of you, snuggled inside your precious culdesac, a nameless citizen of your manicured enclave, with the requisite 4-5 caffeinated meth labs (aka Starbucks) within a stone’s throw — yet I’m galvanized by my life’s work, blessed with friends from around the globe, seasoned from voyages, encounters, triumphs and major/minor fuck ups of twoscore+ years, a walking contradiction of sorts (given I’d rather be clawing my days through the East Village, but we make and embrace our choices as they come – no regrets) , and, now, I feel it’s time to share my musings, thoughts, travails, rawness and scribal backlog through my new digital aperture, under the nom de plume of Suburban Lovechild: on one hand, demographic familiarity and comfort, and on the other, the glowing darkness of forbidden yet unregrettable love.)

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I'M Finding Myself

I'm finding myself
Inside many sanguine moods
Inside many inviting worlds
All in anticipation
Of love
Not for anyone
Or anything
In particular
Just looking deep within
And deep beyond
The surface matters
That clog our anemic hearts
That jail our vapid senses
From welcoming epiphanies,
Ecstacies and
Electric declarations
That await our famished souls
From stoking incitements,
Boisterous joys
And elegant, mystical memories
Burning to lash out
Into indelible grins of
Happiness and you-so-deserve-this
Maybe it's this music
Charged with classical tantrums
And movie-like maudlin exclamations
Maybe it's my past revving up
With ghosts more handsome
And meaningful than ever
Or maybe it's my dreams
After years of desperate confusion,
Fractured esteem and salty embraces
Finally granted permission
To live in vividness
To dance the hues
The conniptions of color
Drooling endlessly from the mouths of our precious ids and willing egos
Summoning self, compassion and sacrifice
To adrenalin's edge
To flesh-removing, death-imbibing levels
This is where love resides
Here is where I visit
Here is where I wish to stay.

(7/2/12, West Los Angeles, CA)

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