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Mum to 4. Work full time. Like to read and write poetry. I read better than I write: 0)

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Gregory (gshaw57) Upshaw 24 August 2009

I am Entitled, Is a very informative, descriptive and emotional deep dialogue that happen to many times to count in the world. But as I love the usage of language. Very Very Very Good... PS> Thank you for your comment, it was very well appreciated. Feel free to browse other poems in my collection.

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Can I Have Your Attention Please...

....Ladies and Gentlemen?
Well, just one gentleman actually.
One particular gentleman,
as it happens.

You! The one in the corner,
with dark hair and eyes, and
shoulders I have to stretch my arms
to their full span
to get around.

Can I have your attention?

I do not want an argument.
I do not want your sympathy.
I do not want your anger.
I do not want your derision.
I do not want your interpretation of events.
I do not want your mockery.

I do not want your eyes to flicker to SKY T.V.
impatient with distraction.
I do not want your blame.
I don't even want your guilt.

I want to feel that you have heard me;
not just what I say -
but all that I don't.
I want to feel that you connect with me,
somewhere in the middle of what I say,
and that you hear and understand.

I want your acceptance.
I want to know that I am loved,
and that I still make you
catch your breath,
on the occassional first sight of me.
I want to know that you care enough
to contribute to the solution.

I want to know that you value me,
every second of every day
and value me for me,
not this crazy, irrational being
you would have me believe I've become.
My intelligence, my essence,
makes me deep -
not shallow.
Would you have me shallow?

To be heard,
to be understood,
to be acknowledged,
To be forgiven for irrationality;
mine and yours.

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