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Born in Cherokee. Has 3 siblings,2 brothers and 1 sister. Has 2 cats named Sock and Night.

For me my life is strange yet perfectly normal.
*sigh* My life is perfect yet it is flawed.
My life is easy yet it is impossible to understand.
I have great life, but sometimes I question life and why I exist. Oh well. I'm strange myself so maybe it's just me. I' a wallflower but I have many friends. I'm energetic yet I'm depressed. Oh well. Maybe I should just disapear and make my life easier.

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Sick Love

Marriage that binds
The sounds of feet
A body that grinds
Kisses so sweet
He looks away longingly
He wishes to part
Yet she looks at him lovingly
As he rips out her heart

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Suicidal Rose Popularity

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