RoseAnn V. Shawiak Suicide Poems

Playing With Suicide

Hanging into caverns of emptiness,
playing with suicidal thoughts as
if they're toys from childhood.
Liking their textures and feelings,

Teenage Suicide

Archways of learning, covering years of experience and wisdom, folding in upon life and it's freedom.
Necessary evils of knowledge kill our desires, step on our curiosity and drown our wonder.
People seeking everlasting learning, never look to themselves, but are always yearning for what someone else may have.
Forgetting that in order to learn, we must live our lives in wonder and curiosity, knowledge is hurting our youth.

Tempting Suicide

A person, humiliating and cornering me with abuse, causing me to hide away interiorly again.
Afraid to trust or come back out of my shell to meet head on with my tormentor.
Leaving everything well enough alone, but it causes an emptiness within, tempting suicide to uncover itself after all these years.

Imaging Suicide

Edges Of Suicide

Rousting inner thoughts, awakening ideas in mid-dream,
allowing refreshing morning air to combine and stir
loneliness into being.

Aftermath Of Suicide

Choosing and selecting rhythms that fit my style of writing
in the here and now.

Being freer in realms of human beings, living in the after-

Wake Of Suicide

Inadvertantly stepping into an abyss of sorrow, landing in
a pool of tears.

Reaching up to grasp a hand, finding no one there, being

Creative Suicide

Fatalistically nurturing thoughts of creative suicide
on lonely days of grief, I prepare also, for my future
deathbed of respite.

Bully's Completing Suicide

Appropriate consideration given out of respect to another,
yet is left in solemn distaste herself.
People not wanting to associate or pretending only that
they do, shove an innocent person into sidelines where

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