Sujina Sudhakar Poems

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'Tones Of Heart'

'Tones of heart' holds a mysterious mask of mind-
That surrender itself in the hell of thought,
Where fallen angels weep n weep n weep..
With numerous fake fears and fight!

Love..? ?

While passing the twentieth year
I ran across a lass who loved me
With weird senses and some tear
I wondered why she loved me

Here sits and tutors like the virgin of tudors!
Fragile is her frame since the twelfth of late year,
At fault of fate in hand with the morning gawker,
With no heart and no aid in his rising rays

Blessing, My Warrior..!

Here's blessing your way, My Warrior!
With the utmost Pride and Pleasure.
I foresee the Victory you attain
With prayers, where Guardian Angels-