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Key To Success

Failure is not a sin,
failure teaches you how to succeed,
failure is the first step for success,
failure helps you from failing,

All Alone!

Don't you think its unfair to leave me all alone like this?
I still don't find a reason.
' Why did you leave me? '
You left me in the path of thorns.

Just Break It! ! !

Break it when you are in need,
break it when there is a clash,
break it when it is full,
break it when you need a gift for someone special,

No Sympathy On Man

People depend on it,
they always run with it,
they always have to run with it,
they hope it would stop or slow down or run fast,

Still Waiting

All I had was love for you...
All I wanted was to
stay in your heart...
look myself in your eyes...

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Charan Patnaik 05 August 2012

Excellent work done and best way to express ur self in words. Keep it up and continue to perform the same way.

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keep it up suma.......i am proud of u my frnd

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