1. When Am With You 10/16/2010
2. For You 10/16/2010
3. The African Street Child. 10/16/2010
4. Without You 10/16/2010
5. I Wish 10/31/2010
6. I Knew You Would Hurt Me. 12/4/2010
7. Good Bye My Love. 12/15/2010
8. I Love You 10/31/2010
9. You, You, You 6/23/2011
10. Your Tender Touch 6/22/2011
11. My Indian Jewel 7/8/2011
12. I Hate Saying Goodbye To You 10/31/2010
13. Bye Your Side 10/31/2010

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I Hate Saying Goodbye To You

When am with you, I get scared,
Scared that I have to leave,
Scared that time will fly very fast,
Scared that I won’t get enough of you,
Scared that I won’t want to leave.

Even when am leaving,
My heart stays with you,
I hate it when I have to say good bye to you,
Because I know that I leave you alone,
With no one to hold and no one to kiss,
My heart sobs,
And I terribly miss you.

How ever,
I still have hope,
Hope that I will see you tomorrow,
Hope that I still love you,
Hope that you love me too.
Even if I miss ...

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