Summer Dawn

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Rating: 4.67

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The Best Poem Of Summer Dawn

Moonlight Tranquility

Darkness won't come tonight
For the moon is full,
Bathing this world in it's
Ethereal light.

I look around and see black
Tree shadows outlined against
A fading sunset, swaying gently
In the elusive breeze.

A myriad of sounds come to my ears
From winged creatures that inhabit the night
Fluttering incessantly, while the
Frogs call from still waters...waiting!

Magpies warble as they settle down,
And now the moon in all it's brightness
Is here! ..But who will see?
Only I, as I ponder it's mysteries.

Then...twigs snap and leaves rustle
in this moonlit place, then silence
as round eyes look up in wonder
Sharing with me alone...this moment!

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Summer Dawn Popularity

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