Summer Huggins

Summer Huggins Poems

1. Father 7/28/2011
2. Look Around 8/21/2011
3. Tiana The Princess :) 2/14/2012
4. Don'T Think 2/14/2012
5. Nightmares Begun 2/18/2012
6. A Little Surprise 2/21/2012
7. I'Ll Forgive But Not Forget 3/26/2012
8. Is It Real? 3/26/2012
9. The Wrong Dream 3/26/2012
10. Just A Dream. 12/26/2012
11. Different Versions 12/14/2013
12. Don'T Let Go 12/15/2013
13. No One There 12/20/2013
14. Tree... 12/20/2013
15. Two Faces 12/31/2013
16. Take A Stand 1/8/2014
17. You Make My Heart Feel 12/20/2013
18. Music Is Life 3/16/2012
19. Baby, Don'T Cry 12/20/2013
Best Poem of Summer Huggins

Baby, Don'T Cry

I'll wipe those tears away,
You have a smile that lights up the world,
The sparkle in your eye says everything's perfect,
That laugh is what I live for,
Every move is graceful,
Your voice is warmth around my body,
Every kiss is a new universe,
Don't worry about a thing, just stare at me,
This love is burning me alive,
But it's the sweetest burn,
I need more of you,
You're such an addiction, I'll never come back,
Whatever you want, it's handed to you on a sliver platter,
I'm yours forever,
I'm here to please you in your every dream, ...

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Don'T Think

Pleas don't think or
the bomb will go off,
let your mind blank and,
wonder the space,
please don't think'
let the images fly,
under the eye lids,
the dreams come forth,
they take over the personality,

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